The Wilbur Group, a luxury travel management company, provides transportation and logistical support for all types of exclusive executive, corporate destination management, private family and personal trips, and sports-related events worldwide.

We work to identify any special circumstances that might affect your travel. We consult with you so that our planning and execution delivers a predictable experience. Contingencies for all possible scenarios are considered, be it weather-related, flight restrictions or unforeseen mechanical problems. Coordination and scheduling of all our clients’ locations throughout the charter includes our one-call service, which accommodates any circumstance. We provide our clients the highest quality customer experience available with excellent customer service, delivery and a predictable outcome every time.

Call us at 1-866-494-5287 to arrange your needs.


Daytona 500 on 2.26.2017

Join us for the thrill of the race at the Daytona 500 on February 26, 2017. Let us charter you a luxury helicopter to skip the traffic and view the track from the skies on your way to the race. The remainder of the 2017 schedule is forthcoming.



The Wilbur Group can help you arrange transportation and events to mitigate the always-on mentality that is so demanded by today’s hotel staff. From arranging a luxury excursion for a private guest to a party bus for large groups, we realize experiences.   We can be an extended concierge for you or act as an in house destination management company for your groups.   


Provide motivating rewards and programs employees actually want.  Destination Management Companies should be a vital piece of your planning. Be it a staff retreat with transportation that accommodates working engagements during travel time or an all expenses paid get away, the Wilbur Group can devise a memorable package.  Let us be your DMC.


We offer a battery of transportation logistics and special engagements for discerning, luxury lifestyles. The Wilbur Group understands your time is valuable so we manage and execute every aspect of your needs to deliver seamless experiences.



Be it air, land and sea, we offer a range of helicopter and jet charters, black car to motor coach as well as yacht charters. Our travel options are limitless so we can meet all your needs whether they be private or for a large company event.

Police Escorts & Security

Sometimes, uninterrupted ground transportation is essential and safety today is a serious concern. We organize police escorts, shadowing and safety nets  worldwide so you can move through cities anonymously and without interruption and with personal protection.

Disaster Relief

In a continuing effort to save lives and ensure the safety of America's citizens, The Wilbur Group has expanded forming two new divisions which are the Corporation/Consumer Safety Program and the Nationwide Emergency Helicopter Evacuation Program.



Beauty & The Beach

Business or pleasure, Key West, Florida, stands as a great getaway from the noisy, stressful workday and homelife humdrum. Change your daily life routine and arrange a creative work space at sea on a chartered yacht or a private cabana for two for a week. 

Recharge your batteries and mix it up with a sunny, water-side adventure or luxurious leisure. Contact TWG today and let us devise a Key West package tailored to your needs.