Sometimes, uninterrupted ground transportation is essential. Traffic lights and traffic jams will no longer be the reason you are late to your next engagement. We organize police escorts worldwide so you can move through busy roadway, cities and highly attended events anonymously and without interruption.

Whether you are travelling in the comfort of an unmarked SUV or a motorcade, our police escort service is a safe and effective way to ensure seamless, timely travel.



Safety today is a serious concern. Terrorist acts, crowds and kidnapping are unpredictable and on the rise so the need for heightened personal security has grown exponentially. TWG provides the shadowing and safety net required to ensure your personal protection. 

At a moment's notice, we can deploy our highly-trained security assets, worldwide. Our security professionals possess expertise to deal with hostile environments and many are advanced medical responders for worst case scenarios.


We provide five star airport meet and greets with dedicated staff who expedite immigration and customs clearance.  As part of our services, we arrange TSA Precheck and Global Entry as your travel requires. With TWG expedited security clearance service, you can deplane and move seamlessly to luxury transportation without the hassle of customs and long lines.